Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally =]

So I finally got myself to change my password and everything so I can finally log on my blog =D
Now this time, I promise.. I will check up here all the
times =D
So here's a little update...

..As all of you should know.. My 200 Subscribers contest is on!! woohoo =]
Sooooo exiting ♥

Also.. today I finally ordered from E.L.F ((www.eyeslipsface.com))
I was wanting to order from them for sooo damn long.. just never could get my mom to give me her paypal lol :]
I ordered like 19 things =D yaay now can't wait to get it!

Oh yeah and today I got a package from Vanessa ((http://glamourdolleyes.com))
From her live chat giveaways which I won a MAC sample of pigm
ent in Gold

Even though it was in one of my videos I also got the package from Kelveggie22 and a swapper so here is the stuff I got =]

Alright anyways.. I was super bored and decided to do red/dark pink lips and some pinkish/purplish make up.. here are the pictures:

Lalala.. omg you guys should soooo enter my contest =D


yeshh :]

Yall should also check out the most beautiiiiful eyeshadow everrrrrrrrrrrrrr =]
yes I am talking about Glamour Doll Eyes =]


There is a picture of my pretty samples :]

Woah I have lots of pictures in this post lol
Well Also.. I want you guys to request.. new looks.. reviews on stuff and tags or whatever you wants to see =]

Hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I did =]

Much love, Aleks ♥