Friday, February 20, 2009

Yaaaay got my package!

AHHHH! So i was waiting for my E.L.F. package.. which they said will come on Monday the 23rd but today I went to get mail and my package was there! YAAY

So here is all I got :

YEAH =D and I'm going to show you guys little closer and tell you what colors and everything :]

Ok so 1st the compacts / pallets

I got 3 of them. They each have a big mirror and two sided applicator [sponge and lip one]
And I also got the 2 eyeshadows in (left one) Mocha, (right one) Ivory

The the lip stuff I got:

(left) Plumping Lip Glaze in Baby Doll, Thera0eutic Conditioning Balm (Lip balm lol) in Vanilla Creme [[which I'm giving away to my contest winner]] and In Strawberry Creme [[keeping it lol]]

Now the Brushes

(left) Eye Shadow Brush, Another Eye Shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Concealer Brush and Smudge Brush. I am soooo loving the eyeshadow and blending brush ♥

And now rest of the stuff:

(left) The wet gloss for eyelashes and eyebrows, Concealer in Fair, All over Cover Stick in Fair, Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal and Duo Eye shadow Cream in Butter Pecan

AHHH im loving it all :] I'm just sort of disappointed with the Wet Gloss for eyelashes and eyebrows.. it doesnt hold it. But yeah =]
I paid $17 with cents. Yesh I know I have 18 things, and plus shipping. But I used a code when paying.. which gave me 50% off =D
((Carolina is the code :] ))

SO... has everything for a dollar unless its the other set thingys lol
but yeah hope you guys enjoyes =]

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey :]

Last night I had a chat room for all my subscribers. We had a lot of fun. and Makeupisglam won the game we played :-D yay. lol
Well thanks to everybody that came to the chat room with us or just to say hi lol.

I was checking my mail today and the package from e.l.f is supposed to come on 23rd. OMG. thats like 4 days.. I can't wait that long >=O
GRRRR.. it said that its going to be a 2-3 day shipping, and I already waited a day lol [I sound like a psycho]

This is just a quick idk.. update.
But its like almost 12 and I just woke up.
So Let me go get ready, and if anything interesting happens I will make a post or something ♥


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally =]

So I finally got myself to change my password and everything so I can finally log on my blog =D
Now this time, I promise.. I will check up here all the
times =D
So here's a little update...

..As all of you should know.. My 200 Subscribers contest is on!! woohoo =]
Sooooo exiting ♥

Also.. today I finally ordered from E.L.F ((
I was wanting to order from them for sooo damn long.. just never could get my mom to give me her paypal lol :]
I ordered like 19 things =D yaay now can't wait to get it!

Oh yeah and today I got a package from Vanessa ((
From her live chat giveaways which I won a MAC sample of pigm
ent in Gold

Even though it was in one of my videos I also got the package from Kelveggie22 and a swapper so here is the stuff I got =]

Alright anyways.. I was super bored and decided to do red/dark pink lips and some pinkish/purplish make up.. here are the pictures:

Lalala.. omg you guys should soooo enter my contest =D

yeshh :]

Yall should also check out the most beautiiiiful eyeshadow everrrrrrrrrrrrrr =]
yes I am talking about Glamour Doll Eyes =]

There is a picture of my pretty samples :]

Woah I have lots of pictures in this post lol
Well Also.. I want you guys to request.. new looks.. reviews on stuff and tags or whatever you wants to see =]

Hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I did =]

Much love, Aleks ♥